Health Service Board Embarks on Institutional Visits Countrywide.



The Health Service Board (HSB) will be embarking on institutional visits in the various Provinces, throughout the country, as part of its mandate. According to the Health Service the Board shall exercise its functions under this Act so as to ensure the well-being and good administration of the Health Service and its maintenance in a high state of efficiency Section 4(2). The recently appointed Board that was inaugurated in June 2018 will commenced the institutional visits on 8 October 2018, with a maiden visit to Manicaland Province. The objectives of the visits are to: –

  • Interface with Health workers at various Public Health institutions in the Provinces and have an appreciation of the local work environments.
  • To provide direct support to local Hospital Management Boards
  • Enhance the working relationship between the Health Service Board, Health Management Boards and various institutions in Provinces.
  • Share the Health Service Board expectations
  • Have an appreciation of the infrastructure, in terms of buildings and equipment at the institutions.
  • Have an appreciation of the achievements and operational challenges at various institutions.
  • In the process we hope this will enhance the image and visibility of the Health Service Board.