Performance improvement and Development upcoming events

The Health Service Board prepares for its New Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 following the launch of the National Development Strategy 1 giving a new thrust for transforming the Health Sector.

(2) The Importance of Induction programs for the Health Workers

The Health Service Board seeks to improve the performance levels of the Health workforce and such can be achieved through various workplace programs clearly designed to improve set performance standards. The Board would wish to advise its Health institutions that it is mandatory for the leadership and management to provide induction programs to the newly appointed health workers at the earliest time possible to avoid performance consistencies and chances of importing wrong performance culture. Induction process would be faster if it is achieved through training where health workers are brought together and get oriented. The induction training covers the following areas;

Training Outline for a two day Induction Program
– government operating systems and environments
– Expectations and work culture
– Conditions of Service
– Directing performance and standards
– Grievance Procedures and discipline at workplace
– Interpreting Labour Regulations and statues
– IRBM Performance Management

The Health Service Board provides coordination and seasoned facilitators for the training. All Central Hospitals, Provinces and Districts are advised to liaise with HSB Training and Development department or Public Relations Desk for training.

HSB embarks on online training

In line with the Covid-19 guidelines, the Health Service Board through its Performance Improvement and Development Department has embarked on online training to ensure continued service delivery. The Online training programmes will also ensure that Health Workers are kept abreast with new trends in their professions.

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Solidarity message to Covid 19 postive health workers

For the Old Mutual Health Professionals Free Life Cover registration, please send email to with the following details
1. Name and Surname
2. Date of birth
3. ID number
4. Health trade
5. Cellphone
6. City/town of location
Upon submission of the above details verification and confirmation will follow.

Old Mutual Health Professionals Free Life Cover registration

For the Old Mutual Health Professionals Free Life Cover registration, please send email to with the following details
1. Name and Surname
2. Date of birth
3. ID number
4. Health trade
5. Cellphone
6. City/town of location
Upon submission of the above details verification and confirmation will follow.


Instrument (SI) 68 of 2019 was promulgated on 15 March 2019 to provide for a rebate of duty on motor vehicles imported under the Health Services Vehicle loan scheme with effect from January 1, 2019.

Who qualifies for the rebate?

A serving Public Health Worker below the Deputy Director Grade in Zimbabwe who has been employed by the Health Service Board and Granted Aided Health Facilities for a period of not less than two years and not undergoing any disciplinary proceeding or on full time Manpower Development Leave.

What kind of vehicles can be imported under this rebate?

The rebate shall apply to vehicles, which are imported or taken out of bond when they are aged 10 years or less from the date of manufacture and principally designed for transport of persons such as sedans, double cabs, extra cabs and pickup trucks (single cabs).

Categories persons who qualify under the rebate and conditions thereof
3.1 Junior doctors who have been in service for a period of less than two

3.2     Conditions for grant of rebate

3.2.1 Submission of documentation listed in clauses 4.1 to 4.6 below.
3.3     Serving public health workers who have been in service for a period of

not less than two years.
3.4     Conditions for grant of the rebate;

3.4.1 Vehicle to be procured using a loan from Health Service Vehicle

Scheme managed by CMED.
3.4.2 The vehicle should be under 10 years old when it is imported or taken

out of bond.

3.4.3 Vehicle intended solely for the private use of the Serving health worker and not for commercial or trade purposes

3.4.4 The maximum amounts that can be accessed from CMED is as follows:

3.4.5 The senior servant should have served for a continuous period of not less than two years in the Public Health Service Board and Grant Aided Health Facilities.

3.4.6 The rebate shall be granted on one vehicle once in five years.

Rebate of duty shall be granted on production of the following documentation:
4.1 An application letter to be considered as a beneficiary in terms of this


4.2     Recommendation letter from the Secretary responsible for Health confirming employment as stated in subsections (2) and (3);

4.3     Approval letter from secretary responsible for Finance and Economic Development;
4.4     A copy of the intended beneficiary public health worker’s driver’s licence;
4.5     A proforma and a bill of lading for the motor vehicle being imported;
4.6     Approval letter from CMED (Private) Limited for the loan availed under

the CMED Health Service Vehicle Loan Scheme.

HSB statement on retired professionals

Taking cognizance of the national disaster and the need to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Health Service Board is making concerted effort to ensure that the required Health Workforce is available at the right place, right time and right quantity. Despite the lockdown framework, HSB has remained at work throughout weekends and public holidays to ensure that these health workers are availed as a matter of urgency.

Out of the overall 3,713 posts released for the public health sector to date, 2,306 appointments have been completed for the Health Service, with the process of filling the balance of 1,407 underway.

This includes the appointment of:

  • Port Health Officers and Technicians for the various ports of entry
  • Environmental Health Technicians in all provinces,
  • Nurses and Nurse Aides
  • Doctors (mainly through regrading in line with their professional progression)
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Laboratory staff
  • And other categories

Appointments into these positions were done through direct deployments from the database kept at the HSB, while some categories were appointed through regrading interviews.

Interviews and some deployments for the outstanding positions are underway and due to be completed before end of May 2020


The Board is in the process of creating a recruitment database of the retired health professionals. As such, members who are still interested to offer their services at public health institutions, including local authority institutions designated for the Covid 19 response. across the country, are requested to register onto the HSB recruitment database though PMD offices, HSB Offices and the HSB website.



The Board notes that there are health professionals who registered onto the HSB recruitment database over the years. An exercise is being carried out by the Board to determine the quantum of the members who are still interested in joining the Health Service. Members who previously registered onto the HSB health professionals recruitment database from 2018 going backwards are therefore, advised to renew their registration. Please note that those who do not re-register will be deemed to have renounced their registration as prospective health employees.

Prospective employees are required to download the application form from, complete, scan and send to  alternatively visit the nearest PMD offices.



Recruitment of Health workers April 2020

Please note that candidates who were trained by the Ministry of Health and Child Care have been deployed accordingly while those trained by other institutions will be interviewed by the respective Provinces.

Below are downloadable files which contain lists of candidates per province or institution, click link to download

Please be advised that all posts at Central Hospitals ie Parirenyatwa, Sally Mugabe, Chitungwiza, UBH and Mpilo are filled up. Those seeking to swap stations are advised to wait until all provinces advise HSB on the status of posts uptake

RGN deployment April 2020

Bulawayo Reference



Ingutsheni Central Hospital














HSB pays a courtesy call on Minister of state for Mashonaland Central Province Hon Monica Mavhunga

HSB touring Bindura Provincial Hospital

HSB visits Guruve District Hospital

HSB and Mashonaland Central Provincial delegates tour Bindura District office site