Finance Committee

The Finance, Administration and Resource Mobilization Committee reports to the Full Board on a monthly basis or in some cases on an ad-hoc basis. The overall role of the Committee is to mobilize funds and to provide guidance to the Board on the Financial administration strategy for the Health Service.
Other functions are: -

  • To design a sound and efficient Financial Management system of the Board,
  • To monitor all financial disbursement,
  • To set up a any relevant sub-committees,
  • To ensure that the mobilised resources are optimally utilized for the purpose of achieving objectives of the Board,
  • To ensure that proper books of Accounts are maintained and that final Accounts are processed in time to meet statutory deadlines,
  • To ensure that annual budgets are adequate to meet the Board’s requirements,
  • Monitor and review the budget performance through quarterly meetings,
  • To guide the Board on some financial issues where Treasury instructions may not be clear or adequate,
  • To perform such functions as and when required or delegated by the Board.
  • To ensure that accounts are prepared in a timely and accurate manner and to ensure that prompt publication of the annual accounts.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee reports to the Full Board on a monthly basis or in some cases on an ad-hoc basis. The overall role of the Committee is to provide guidance to the Board on Human Resources and Conditions of Service related issues, policies and procedures.
Other functions are: -

  • To ensure that appropriate qualified and experienced personnel are recruited throughout the Health Service,
  • To recommend to the Board appointment of senior members,
  • To consider disciplinary cases and appeals referred to the Board for action,
  • To explore ways to improve conditions of service for Health workers,
  • To advise the Board on the grading system of the Health workers,
  • To monitor staffing levels in all Central, Provincial and District Institutions through quarterly staff returns,
  • To consider and recommend annual Manpower Budget estimates for the Health Service,
  • To consider the Human Resources annual reports for submission to the Board,
  • To report out any other functions as and when required.

Audit Committee

The functions of the committee are to;
For the purpose of ensuring Internal control, the Committee shall:
evaluate whether management is setting the appropriate ‘control culture’ by communicating the importance of internal control and management of risk;

  • evaluate the overall effectiveness of the internal control and risk management frameworks and consider whether recommendations made by the internal and external auditors have been appropriately dealt with by management;
  • investigate the controls and processes implemented by management to ensure that the financial statements derived from the underlying financial systems comply with relevant standards and requirements, and are subject to appropriate management review;
  • discuss with management the system of internal control and ensure that management discharged its duty to have an effective internal control system, including the adequacy of resources, qualifications and experience of staff of the Board’s accounting and financial reporting function, and their training programs and budgets;
  • consider any findings of major investigations of internal control matters as delegated by the Board or on the Committee’s own initiative, and management’s response in relation to such findings and investigations.
  • To review internal controls, including the scope of the internal audit programme and the internal audit findings and to recommend appropriate programme and the internal audit findings and to recommend appropriate action to be taken by responsible authorities.
  • To review with the Auditor-General or other external auditors, as may be appropriate, the scope of their audit plan, the system of internal audit reports and assistance given by officers or staff to auditors and any findings and action to be taken in connection therewith.