Invest in your health as it is your true wealth

Invest in your health as it is your true wealthGood health is a form of complete physical, mental and social well-being – when both your body and mind are functioning well and in unity. Being healthy is very important and necessary to effectively do your day to day activities. Physical health starts with a healthy diet filled with nutrients, minerals and vitamins, a consistent exercise routine as well as generally taking good care of yourself. However, practicing good health is not a process which is based on your physical well-being only. Other components of health include emotional health, mental health and spiritual health. The combination of a healthy body and mind benefits job, sports and general performance.

An unhealthy lifestyle is triggered by consuming excessive amounts of calories and refined and processed carbohydrates as well as the lack of exercise amongst others. Weight gain increases the risks of developing illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes. Creating an exercise routine that meets your personal requirements and taking part in physical activity is one of the key components of practicing good health. With so many sporting and exercise activities available, there is no need to pile on the kilos. Staying active and keeping fit is one of the best preventative methods available.

Set realistic goals such as eating a well-balanced diet, being physically active daily, even if it means that you’re going for a 20-minute walk, going for regular health check-ups, getting enough sleep and managing your stress.

Graffiti cements HIV/AIDS fight

Visiting American graffiti artist Maxx Moses worked with 10 local artists to design messages of hope and awareness on HIV/AIDS at the walls of the Bulawayo National Gallery and Madlodlo Beer Garden. The collaboration was testimony that creativity is key to the fight against the spread of HIV. “AIDS is a disease that is sexually transmitted, right, so if you are going to engage in the act of creativity, and wait to engage you get tested so that you create from a pure space,” said Maxx during an interview soon after the dedication of the murals on World AIDS Day. “If we are going to engage in that aspect of creativity it keeps you away from negative activities, when you aspire all you want to do is create, when your mind is focused on creativity you don’t focus on the negative, it creates a vibration,” said Maxx.