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The Health Service Board prepares for its New Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 following the launch of the National Development Strategy 1 giving a new thrust for transforming the Health Sector.

(2) The Importance of Induction programs for the Health Workers

The Health Service Board seeks to improve the performance levels of the Health workforce and such can be achieved through various workplace programs clearly designed to improve set performance standards. The Board would wish to advise its Health institutions that it is mandatory for the leadership and management to provide induction programs to the newly appointed health workers at the earliest time possible to avoid performance consistencies and chances of importing wrong performance culture. Induction process would be faster if it is achieved through training where health workers are brought together and get oriented. The induction training covers the following areas;

Training Outline for a two day Induction Program
– government operating systems and environments
– Expectations and work culture
– Conditions of Service
– Directing performance and standards
– Grievance Procedures and discipline at workplace
– Interpreting Labour Regulations and statues
– IRBM Performance Management

The Health Service Board provides coordination and seasoned facilitators for the training. All Central Hospitals, Provinces and Districts are advised to liaise with HSB Training and Development department or Public Relations Desk for training.

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