POST:                                 DEPUTY DIRECTOR REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH



GRADE:                            E5/E51



                      JOB PURPOSE

Responsible for providing leadership, guidance and oversight to the Reproductive Health Services.


 Development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review of Reproductive Health policies, strategies, goals and objectives based on national and global trends and the sustainable development goals.

  1. Monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures and promote best quality practices.
  2. Coordinates the development of reproductive health training programmes for the health workers and the general public including providing advice on long term Human Resources Development strategies.
  3. Serving as a resource person in training activities as appropriate and assist in upgrading service protocols and maintaining high service delivery.
  4. Provides technical leadership, advice, support and supervision in reproductive health programmes.
  5. Promotes and participates in reproductive health operational research and contribute to research finding dissemination and utilization.
  6. Ensures the provision of quality services through effective and efficient use of appropriate technology.
  7. Manages and participates in the development and administration of the department’s budget, review and approve provincial plans and budgets
  8. Plans, develops, implements, maintains and evaluates systems and ensure availability of standardized equipment, essential resources and supplies at the right place and at all times.
  9. Ensures integration of gender perspectives in all programmes.
  10. Prepares monthly, quarterly, annual and other plans and reports.



1.    A basic qualification in Nursing Sciences or a basic degree in Medical Sciences.

  1. A post basic qualification at Masters Level in Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing, Public Health or equivalent.
  2. At least 3 years’ post-graduate work experience.
  3. Current registration with the Relevant Professional Council.
  4. Closing date: 25 December 2020



GRADE:                     F

REPORTS TO:             Chief Director, Curative Services

DIVISION:                 Nursing Directorate

STATION:                   Ministry of Health and Child Care



The Director Nursing Services is responsible and accountable for the overall direction of national nursing including midwifery and community nursing services. These responsibilities include focusing, planning, organizing, directing, managing, coordinating and overseeing all the activities and operations of nursing, midwifery and community nursing services. The director provides professional leadership to the nursing, midwifery and community nursing services working closely with the professional statutory nursing bodies, higher learning institutions of nursing education and other health disciplines. The director provides expert advice on nursing, midwifery and community nursing.


Under administrative direction of the Chief Director, Curative Services the member will be tasked with:


 Coordinating the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of nursing and midwifery services policies, strategies, goals, objectives, rules and regulations and periodically review the relevance and adequacy of the same and take appropriate actions as necessary.

  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, appropriateness and quality of nursing service delivery methods, standards, protocols and operational procedures; identifying opportunities for improvement and taking appropriate action.
  • Ensures that all nursing activities in the Ministry of Health and Child Care comply with nursing council and other applicable laws, regulation policies and procedures.
  • Co-ordinating the development of and adherence to the codes of professional conduct and scope of professional practice for nursing and midwifery.
  • Providing effective leadership to nursing, midwifery and community nursing profession and maintaining a close relationship with professional statutory bodies, professional associations and relevant NGOs.
  • Development and administration of the departmental budget through mobilization of resources, approving and monitoring expenditures and implementing budget adjustments where necessary.
  • Developing and maintaining systems that ensure effective and efficient utilization of essential resources to the benefit of clients.
  • Providing administrative, managerial, technical, professional advice, leadership and direction in the area of nursing and midwifery services to the department and stakeholders.
  • Managing, administering and coordinating the recruitment, training and retention of the nursing health workforce.
  • Ensuring that staff in nursing services is adequately prepared and skilled to effectively contribute to the Ministry’s objectives in collaboration with other departments and Training Institutions.
  • Supporting and supervising different nursing disciplines in public health institutions
  • Promoting inter-departmental/ministerial collaboration as well as participation at national, regional and international events.
  • Promoting and initiating relevant operational research.
  • Participating and contributing to general health sector policy planning, formulation and review process.
  • Preparing departmental monthly, quarterly, annual and other plans and reports.



  • A basic qualification in the Nursing profession and a Masters degree in the Nursing profession are a must.
  • Appropriate post basic qualifications in clinical, community nursing or nurse education is essential.
  • Any other additional post graduate qualification in the nursing profession will be an added advantage.
  • At least two years’ experience in the grade of Deputy Director Nursing Services or five years as a Principal Nursing Officer/Principal Tutor/Provincial Nursing Officer.
  • Closing date: 25 December 2020