Executive Chairman- Dr P.L.N Sikosana.
Executive Chairman- Dr P.L.N Sikosana.

THE HEALTH SERVICE BOARD (HSB) wishes to welcome and introduce its publics, stakeholders, colleagues, fellows, among others, to the world of interaction through this website. In this Information age characterized by multimedia influence, advocacy work and information management; the Board owes it to its publics to comply and update itself in terms of capacity, technologically and resourcefully to promote its mandate, role and duties through this platform.

The HSB Electronic platform or website shall be; www.hsb.co.zw and its Electronic Mail (E-mail) link shall be;  infor@hsb.co.zw. Through this website, the Board shall profile itself, profile Health events and functions, give information necessary for its publics and interact with them in various forms. Among its prioritized links are regulations and policies, partnerships, history and Health sector overview, its publications and its Health media database, Health data and statistics.

Because of the need to be visible, accessible and available to the public, the Board will not render this site an electronic white elephant, for it is the Board’s wish and passion to regularly and constantly interact with its publics, hence the site’s maintenance is of priority. Feel at home as you navigate through our site and meet the HSB team and enjoy surfing it. Remember, let us pull together for the sake of our Health sector for HEALTH is the hub of all that we endeavor to do as individuals, organizations, families, communities, nations and the world, at large. HEALTH IS FOR ALL!


“Pulling Together For Health”