Performance appraisal training workshop

Acting Executive Director Mr A. Mbengwa addressing delegates at a Training Workshop in Vumba.


The Health Service Board Secretariat senior management comprised of the Acting Executive Director, General managers, Deputy general managers and head of department are attending a 3-day training workshop in Vumba, Mutare to appreciate the new performance appraisal system recently introduced by Government. The newly adopted four-page Performance Appraisal Form is user-friendly as compared to the previous twelve-page document.

In his official opening remarks, the Acting Executive Director Mr Angelbert Mbengwa said the new revised form is easier to understand and use in individual performance as it links individual performance to organizational targets.  In addition, it will create a conducive working environment that focuses on results and creates necessary support for improved performance by individuals and improved health service delivery.

The new Performance Appraisal form is also expected to strengthen the appraisal system through clarified performance indicators, targets, result related feedback, reinforcement of ethics and professional behaviour as well as the sustenance of a high-performance culture in the public health sector.